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About Institute

Institute of Media, Management Technology & Agro Sciences, Dehradun - a pioneering Recognised P.G. Media & Management Institute imparting education in Management, Communication and Information Technology. We are affiliated to HEMVATI NANDAN BAHUGUNA GARHWAL UNIVERSITY, are 29 years old and our alumni have excelled in their chosen professions after a course with us.

For the last twenty four years (since 1989), the Institute has been conducting various UG and PG Professional Degree Programmes as an affiliate Institute of H.N. Bahuguna Garhwal University, Shrinagar, Uttarakhand. These Programmes are recognised by UGC, AIU, State and Central Government, MNC's, Private & Public Sector organisations.

Message From The Chairman

Dear Student,

Welcome to the Institute of Media, Management Technology & Agro Sciences, Dehradun

Our goal is to provide the best professional education possible, both in the classroom and in programme enhancements designed to train managers who will understand the complexities of managing human as well as natural and technological resources. Our faculty are devoted to excellence in teaching and students are challenged to explore broader, underlying implication of what they learn, rather than be satisfied with knowing only how to apply a technical tool to a narrow problem.

Certainly, intelligence and a strong academic record are basic requirements for admission to our courses but enthusiasm for learning and an appreciation of the Intrinsic value of learning are important inputs from you all. Curiosity, persistence and willingness to work hard are other assets not to be underestimated in a full and vigorous academic programme.

In view of India's rapidly changing business environment, new developments are taking place at a very fast pace. One hears about liberlisation, globalisation, employee empowerment, TQM and virtual corporations. IIMT's "FOCUS GLOBAL" curriculum has been designed to upgrade the prospective young managers on these and allied issues.

Not only is the curriculum redesigned, but the delivery media are also being developed using state-of-art technology. The syllabus and delivery medium have been named PETA (Professional Education through Technology Advancement), which envisages use of print medium and audio-visual-electonic medium, along with other media.

D.C. Bansal